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Gateway Community Charters Foundation

The GCC Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the nonprofit public benefit corporation law for charitable purposes.  

The specific purposes of this corporation are to (a) support the educational development and growth of students in the Greater Sacramento, California region who come from economically, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including those students who are part of the most vulnerable, disenfranchised, at-risk and low socio-economic disadvantaged populations, through connection with programs and activities of Gateway Community Charters, a nonprofit public benefit corporation; (b) offer such students exposure to supplemental educational opportunities and youth development activities, along with academic support and basic needs support; (c) research innovative educational solutions; (d) seek, research, and develop facilities for educational purposes; and (e) engage in activities related to the foregoing:

-To be a partner in facilitating alliances and relationships that provide value to our students, GCC schools, businesses, and community 

-To ensure a link between the community and the GCC schools

-To increase community awareness and understanding of GCC schools, the organization, and programs. 

Are you interested in learning more about how you can help the GCC Foundation through volunteering, monetary donations, in-kind donations, or by joining the board? Please let us know!

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Foundation Board Members

Aaron Thornsberry - Board Treasurer

Alex Ushakov - Board Member

Scot Crocker - Board Member

Katie Kempker - Board Member


Jason Sample - President/CEO

Mark Anderson - Board Chair

Alan Hom - Vice Chair

Morri Elliot - Board Secretary

Max Gonchar - Board Member

Feruza Burhan - Board Member

Sergey Ivannikov - Board Member

Ed Roe - Board Member

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